Tom Allwright

About the Founder

I had a dream of playing professional sport in the AFL. After 15 years of preparation, I got that opportunity. Every young kid has big dreams and a big imagination. Over time, this is beaten out of us as we grow into adults, often losing sight of the big picture and big opportunities. What if we could tap into a space where you think bigger, more creatively and more energetically than you ever have before? That’s what our experiences are about. Providing you with experiences and memories that last Beyond the Now!

“It’s my mission to get as many people as possible to understand that normal people can do remarkable things”

I’ve had the opportunity to create some of the most amazing experiences and I’ve learnt that normal people can do remarkable things! It’s my job to make every obstacle in the way of your goal become insignificant. What do you think about a 15-course degustation meal at the North Pole?

Today, we’ve partnered with leading global brands that share our philosophy of doing remarkable things, to offer you our best tailored experiences.

Tom Allwright – Founder of Adventure Abroad.

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Dream bigger, Live Better, Make an Impact

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Making A Difference For Our Clients

Providing Value In Everything We Do

At Adventure Abroad we are specialising in experiential travel with ultimate comfort and luxury. Every detail of your trip is meticulously curated to your desires and interests to provide you with the highest standard in your travel arrangements.

Our range of Destination Management services include:

  • Tailored journeys for travel groups and corporates
  • Unique and specialised cultural and active experiences
  • Philanthropic experiences
  • B2B events and travel

Adventure Abroad Difference

Adventure Abroad is the definition of luxury adventure travel. Our story started when our Founder was guiding a trip in the Himalaya’s in the footsteps of Mt Everest, where he was chatting with a guest about how he felt everyone should have the opportunities to experience some of the most remote and awe-inspiring places in the world without having to rough it or risk it!

Only days later, that same guest passed away giving Tom the inspiration to pursue that conversation by overcoming all obstacles in his way.

Adventure Abroad specialises in Destination Management of Tour du Mont Blanc and the European Alps as well as unique events and expeditions, which start merely as a seed of an idea into something extravagant.

We ARE NOT the company for you if:

  • You want something generic
  • You don’t want to be wowed
  • You aren’t up for an adventure

While it’s important to us to be and do better, it’s more important to be DIFFERENT. It’s our promise to give your people moments beyond the now, which will last a lifetime!

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