Luxury Adventure Vacations

Explore Your Limits in Luxury

With an uncompromising commitment to understanding your objective and proven excellence in adventure and luxury, put your trust in the safe hands of our expert team for an extraordinary experience. Explore the world in your own unique way.

Tour Du Mont Blanc

Experience a world-class destination with your professional mountain guides, who know where the best cheeses, wine and foods are kept while hiking through France, Italy and Switzerland circumnavigating Mont Blanc.

Lofoten Islands Northern Lights In Paradise

A unique Scandinavian Experience based deep in the Arctic Circle. Lofoten Islands are known as one of the best places in the world to see the Northern Lights while being safe from polar bears.

Everest Base Camp

An exclusive hike through the foothills of the world’s tallest mountain. Stay in VIP lodges with professionally equipped mountain guides and Sherpa’s.


Summiting Africa’s Highest Peak 5,895m with exclusive and professional guides, trained mountain chefs and in comfort.

Gatlang Community Project

Gatlang Community Project

A Meaningful and Transformative School and Community Experience in the Himalayas. Being different to make a difference!

Tailor Made

Custom build your own experience for your own people based on your own comfort levels.

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