Spotlight on: Hotel Vallorcine

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This week’s spotlight is on Hotel Vallorcine, a hotel that’s set itself apart from its competitors by focusing on health and wellness. Take a swim, go on a hike, have a massage, or even skate in their seasonal ice rink!


When trying to describe the Vallorcine’s accommodations, they can be neatly summed up in one word: cozy. Despite the modern aesthetic of the rest of the hotel, their rooms and apartments maintain a warm rustic charm.

Hotel Vallorcine interior

Spa and Wellness Services

Ever dreamed about customizing your own spa experience? If you have, this is definitely a great place to do that. With their own dedicated spa, Le Spa du Mont-Blanc, offering several different kinds of spa experiences, you can choose exactly how you want to be pampered.

Hotel Vallorcine

Full Amenities

A focus on wellness naturally leads to amenities that help you along with your journey, both to health and on the road! The hotel features a stunning heated pool and well-equipped gym.

Hotel Vallorcine swimming pool and gym

Plethora of Activities

Situated in the middle of Alpine mountains allows Residence & Spa Vallorcine Mont Blanc to offer a wide variety of outdoor activities. From hiking, to trail running, to skiing, to ice skating, there’s always a ton of things to do during the summer and the winter.

Hotel Vallorcine hiking adventure