A stark landscape of ice, snow, and extraordinary adventure

Explore the unexpected beauty of Antarctica, the world’s greatest frontier

4-12 Guests
Antarctica private tour

Step into a frozen landscape brimming with adventure

From the magnificent Emperors to the Geographical North Pole, each experience is as tailored as relaxed or adrenalin-fueled as you'd like it with a maximum of 12 participants at any one time.

Antarctica for a long time has been the untouchable seventh continent and almost certainly for tourists. Go beyond a cruise and land in our pre-arranged private jet on Wolfs Fang Runway, where you will be exposed to new levels of luxury with the White Desert team. Experience an epic adventure on Antarctica, which can be tailored just the way you like it, led by your own experienced and passionately dedicated team.

Antarctica Private Tour

Your Antarctic experience includes:

Five-time luxury traveller of the year award, Whichaway Camp is the most unique place to base yourself for your adventure. With state of the art heated sleeping pods, kitchen, lounge and dining room made from cutting edge material to ensure your comfort and warmth. A great place to relax and enjoy elite cuisine designed by our award-winning chef.

  • Arrive by private Gulfstream jet
  • Unique and luxurious safari camp
  • Tailored Experiences
  • Michelin Star quality cuisine

Antarctica VIP accomodation


When pioneering spirit and luxury meet in Antarctica, you get Whichaway Camp. You now have the opportunity to immerse yourself amongst the privileges of those held for Antarctic explorers thanks to the purpose-built Wolfs Fang runway. Whether it be visiting the South Pole with our onsite Baslter or nestling in a 6,000 strong Emporer penguin colony. It’s our task to satisfy your objective while giving you the opportunity to relax in award-winning and unique pods, comprising of ensuite, elegant dining and carefully curated wines lists. From polar picnics, visits to scientific bases, hiking, climbing, 4X4 excursions or just relaxing amongst the serenity, we can tailor any experience to meet your objective.

Antarctica cuisine

Michelin-star cuisine in the Arctic

Each meal is in memory of Antarctica with our award-winning onsite chef. From an explorers breakfast to an explorers picnic with breathtaking views over the Antarctic dunes to a degustation meal for dinner. Each meal is carefully curated and crafted by the most exceptional team. Enjoy your fine dining experience with carefully crafted wine lists designed with award-winning labels from Cape Town picked by a wine sommelier each year.

Antarctica adventure

Private Tour Groups

Avoid the stress and pressure of working around set tour dates. Book your own trip dates, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Antarctica travel experience

Tailored Itineraries

We design our itinerary around your objective. We find your why before implementing the what. For us to formulate a meaningful experience for your client, which will ensure they continue to come back, we first organise a strategy session to formulate your goal from the experience, guaranteeing a unique trip that is out of the ordinary.

Our business is built by connecting with local communities to curate authentic, amazing new memories with your client.


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