Bay of Fires Bush Retreat

Embark on a nature-centered wellness retreat to soothe your mind, body, and soul.

A restorative retreat experience nestled within Tasmania’s most stunning landscapes.

4-12 Guests
5-6 Days

Find your center in the Tasmanian wilderness

Immerse yourself in the untamed, unique beauty of the Bay of Fires. Explore the stunning local landscape, and rediscover your personal balance amongst Tasmania’s natural wonders.

Imagine: beach yoga in the gentle, early-morning sun. Mountain ranges towering through a sweeping panorama; the famed orange rocks and bright blue waters of the Bay of Fires; the sound of waves and the kiss of a sea breeze as the white sand gives way beneath your feet.

Welcome to The Bay of Fires.

Your Bay of Fires experience features:

  • Bay of Fires coastal walk
  • Helicopter the Tasmanian coastline to Bay of Fires via Maria Island
  • Oyster shucking
  • Sanctum Day Spa
  • Relaxing massage experience
  • Beach yoga and daily exercise
  • Local exclusive winery tours
  • Paddock to plate cooking experiences
  • Optional day at MONA

The Bay of Fires

Despite being Australia’s smallest state, Tasmania has many wonders to offer. Not only is it bustling with a thriving art scene and foodie culture, it’s also home to a rich history, stunning natural landscapes, and unique wildlife. Head into the wilderness for a restorative, luxurious getaway that is designed to bring balance and peace of mind.

Uniquely Tasmanian culinary experiences

Out of all the things Tasmania is known for, the one thing not many people know is that the Tasmania food scene is rich in both quality and diversity

Tasmania is home to many world-renowned vineyards, which produce wines that are best known for their character. The Tasmanian pinot noir, sauvignon blanc, and sparkling wine are notably the most famous.

Another unique trait of the Tasmanian food scene is its strong paddock-to-plate culture, which results in quality ingredients being locally produced and always freshly stocked.

Private Tour Groups

Avoid the stress and pressure of working around set tour dates. Book your own trip dates, and we’ll take care of the rest.


We design our itinerary around your objective. We find your why before implementing the what. For us to formulate a meaningful experience for your client, which will ensure they continue to come back, we first organise a strategy session to formulate your goal from the experience, guaranteeing a unique trip that is out of the ordinary.

Our business is built by connecting with local communities to curate authentic, amazing new memories with your client.


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