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Best Scenic Highlights of Your Tour du Mont Blanc Hike

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

The Tour du Mont Blanc is known as one of the world’s best multi-day hikes, every day chock full of stunning views and opportunities to treat yourself to a bit of luxury along the way. 

But when on a hike known for its multitude of beautiful vistas, it can sometimes be confusing to know which sections are worthy of whipping out your camera. Not to worry, for this is where our expertise comes in! Like most tour operators in the area, we have our own preferred spots! Today, we present to you Adventure Abroad’s best scenic highlights along the Tour du Mont Blanc.

1. Les Contamines over Bonhomme

One of the most picturesque stretches of hiking, this section takes you through a long sweep of trail leading towards a mountain in the distance. With a river running parallel to parts of the trail, it can be very exciting to traverse this section because everything about it screams “adventure” and might even make you feel like you’re part of an epic quest!

2. Col du Bonhomme

The Col du Bonhomme is a section that hikers pass through to get to La Ville des Glaciers. It’s a fan favorite! We always say the best time to hike Tour du Mont Blanc is from late June to early July, because the area is still full of spring snow. Not enough to hinder hiking, but enough to slide around and play in. Perfect!

3. Courmayeur to Val Ferret

The segment from Courmayeur to Val Ferret offers some of the most breathtaking, majestic views of Mont Blanc. The trails here offer one of the best ways to see Mont Blanc, with clear, sweeping views of the famed massif throughout the entire segment.

4. The Balcony Trail

The Balcony Trail is known as such due to the sheer rock faces that hikers must climb to continue along. But don’t worry, no rock climbing experience is needed. All you need to do is climb ladders. As the name suggests, the views from the Balcony Trail are grand, sweeping, and quite high up! 

5. Lac-Champex

Located in Champex, Switzerland, this beautiful lake is a tourist spot in of itself. Cool, calm, and rippling prettily in the breeze, this 11 hectare lake is a popular spot for both tourists and locals alike. Take a dip, hire a boat, or just gaze at the serene blue waters for a touch of zen. The lake is popular with Adventure Abroad hikers because it’s the perfect way to cool off after a hot, sweaty hike!

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