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Essential Packing for Tour du Mont Blanc


A quick and dirty guide for essentials to take on your Tour du Mont Blanc trip

Packing for any regular trip is confusing enough– how many shirts should you bring? How many pairs of socks? Are you really going to end up wearing that nice shirt you’re bringing just in case? But what do you pack on a 13-day adventure of a lifetime? Fret no more! Adventure Abroad are here to help narrow it down for you.

Moisture wicking clothes

One of the most important things you can bring are moisture wicking clothes. Clothes made from moisture wicking fabrics draw moisture away from your body, keeping you cooler and much drier compared to clothes made from cotton. This includes shirts, shorts or pants, and even socks.

Insulating layers

Hiking the TMB will expose you to extremely varied weather, and you need to be prepared. Higher altitudes of the hike will be cold, and you may even encounter snow at the highest points.

Waterproof outerwear

Rain will definitely be among the kinds of weather that you will encounter along the way, so be sure to come prepared. A hooded jacket, maybe some waterproof pants, or even a rain poncho! A waterproof cover for your backpack is essential as well. Keeping dry should be a priority. Nobody wants to get sick while on a great adventure!

man in red jacket in forest


Rain showers on the European alps can abruptly start and can be over just as suddenly! Sometimes whipping out an umbrella can be more effective than taking the time to put on all your rain gear. So while an umbrella isn’t necessarily an essential thing to pack, it’s definitely convenient to have one on hand.

Waterproof hiking boots

You can’t go on a hike without hiking boots, so this is an absolute must! Hiking boots provide necessary support for your feet and ankles, as well as much-needed traction on the soles, which you can’t get from any other type of shoe. Waterproof boots also ensure that your feet (and socks!) remain nice and dry.. Don’t forget to break them in long before your trip!


Ensure that as many as possible of the clothes you bring along are quick dry. Hiking 170 km in 13 days will definitely leave you with little time to wait for anything to dry! Quick dry clothes can be washed and dried overnight, which will allow you to pack less since you can wear the same item over multiple days.

hiker boots on log waterfall

Trekking Backpack

With an emphasis on the trekking part of a trekking backpack, it’s really important that the backpack you bring is well-balanced and specifically tailored for hiking/trekking.

Walking poles

While walking poles are not absolutely essential, we highly, highly recommend them! They will relieve pressure on your knees during ascents, and provide balance on steep downhill slopes.

Hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen

No, there aren’t any beaches along the TMB, but there is definitely lots of sun! Trekking the mountains means long hours exposed to the sun. Protect yourself by bringing sunglasses and sunscreen to use along the way. Bring a hat, a bandana, or anything similar to protect your head from the heat.

Now that we’ve gone through the essentials, the rest is up to you! We’re leaving it you to decide whether or not you want to bring that book that you just can’t put down. And if you really can’t narrow it down, don’t worry! When you book a Mont Blanc adventure with Adventure Abroad, we provide up to 15 kg of luggage transportation so you can bring even your favorite non-essentials. Go ahead, bring that book!

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