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Meet your guide: Namaraj Timalsina

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

In just 3 days, we will depart on our first 2019 trip to Everest Base Camp! We spoke with Namaraj Timalsina, their Adventure Abroad guide for the upcoming trip, to give our hikers a little forewarning. Get to know Namaraj and what to expect on EBC!

1) What’s your name?

I am Namaraj Timalsina, born in the rural village of Dhading known as Achanay.

2) Do you have any nicknames?

Yes, you can call me Nam.

3) Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Well, I work for Adventure Abroad as a trekking guide right now. I have assisted clients on their treks to a variety of locations, including the Mardi Himal Trek, the Annapurna Base Camp Trek, and the Everest Base Camp Trek.

I worked as a porter before I established myself as a guide. I've spent the last six years working in the field of trekking. Everything about my job is fun for me. In addition, I'm very interested in photography and videography. My job allows me to take pictures of the natural world, which has really helped me develop my hobbies. But I like my profession the most. I would adore the opportunity to prove my worth as a top-notch trekking guide while representing my nation.

4) What are your hobbies?

I'm very interested in both photography and videography. In addition, I enjoy getting to know new people and spending time with them while learning and sharing new things with them.

Namaraj Timalsina adventure abroad

5) How long have you been a guide?

Despite having more than 6 years of experience in this field, I have only been working as a guide for the past 5 years. Prior to becoming a trekking leader, I worked as a porter, which helped me get ready to be a better guide and gave me the opportunity to learn about the trails, keeping our clients safe, and other things.

6) Why did you decide to become a guide?

Being a guide requires you to balance taking care of others with taking care of your own needs. I also enjoy interacting with people from all around the world.

Other than that, there are many other things a guide can learn and impart. I have reached a level of communication proficiency that will serve me well in both my professional and personal life. While working as a guide and assisting our clients who are professional photographers, I have grown interested in photography. You can benefit greatly from working as a guide. I became a guide as a result of all the knowledge I had acquired and my desire to seek more.

7) What’s your favourite thing about guiding treks?

The fact that you constantly meet new people while travelling and exploring the Nepali Himalayas is what I enjoy most about leading treks. Other than that, you can develop bonds with your clients, make memories with them, and aid them in discovering the Himalayas' breathtaking natural beauty. And most of all, I love talking about my country to them.

8)   What’s the craziest thing that’s happened on a trek?

While trekking and leading treks, there are many hilarious moments! But I'll share with you a bizarre situation that every guide has experienced. You must match everyone's pace while hiking if you are hiking with large groups of people of different ages. And if your clients have a significant athletic disparity between them, it gets even crazier. Sometimes I have to hike to Everest Base Camp twice a day, and once I had to hike there three times in one day, which was the craziest thing I've ever done. I was able to please my guests, however, in the end. They were all content that I was there to support and advise them.

9) What do you think is a quality that every good guide needs?

A good guide must first have a strong sense of direction and thorough knowledge of the trail they will be hiking with their clients. Other than that, you need to be upbeat, brave, and supportive. You must be knowledgeable about altitude sickness, local customs, geography, people, and historical details of the destinations you will be visiting.

Namaraj Timalsina adventure abroad

10) Tell us something fun about your treks!

I once had the funniest experience ever while trekking. One of my clients was a team of athletes, so we had to run downhill to Lukla. They all wanted to run downhill, even after I cautioned them about the dangers.

In order to make sure everyone was alright, I ran after them as they all ran in the direction of Lukla. However, later that evening, they were all laughing because their knees hurt instead of running at that precise moment in great excitement. They were all giggling at their foolish behaviour, and I joined in as I reminded them that it wasn't a good idea in the first place. It was among the funniest and most exciting experiences I've ever had while trekking. In retrospect, it was probably not all that amusing, but at the time, it was.

With the exception of that incident, we tell and make dozens of jokes throughout our journey, leaving us with many humorous memories.

11) Anything else you want us to know about you?

I'm proud to be a mountain guide. Although I have not been one for very long, I have been able to learn a lot about people, the Himalaya, and trekkers from all over the world thanks to my curiosity and my hobbies. I am able to guarantee the security of every client travelling with me because I have researched every trail to the Himalayas.

12) Lastly, what tip can you give our trekkers heading your way?

If you are planning to go on a trekking trip to Nepal, I would advise that you first learn as much as you can about the country. You can find a variety of blog posts and videos online to assist you. When you are ready to embark on your trek, pay attention to your traveling companion or guide, regardless of how young they are. They will be the ones to take care of you in the Himalayas. Continue your journey to the Nepali Himalayas, achieve your goals, and have faith in yourself.

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