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On The Trail: Kokoda 2018

AdventureAbroad went to Kokoda in late September. The resulting experience was exhausting, emotional, and life-changing.

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Kokoda is one of the great Australian pilgrimages. It’s an emotional and physical journey in search for a morale-boosting adventure. An experience that gives an insight into the cognitive functioning of an individual. An experience that is a demonstration of respect and gratitude towards the Australian Diggers who put their lives at stake during WWII in 1942.

The Kokoda Track is located in the Owen Stanley Range of Papua New Guinea, where there are roughly 800 languages spoken. It’s a 96 km hike that passes through native villages, and is surrounded by jaw dropping views of nearby mountain ranges. It is also home to the Kokoda Campaign, where Australia went to war against Japan in 1942 and lost over 600 soldiers. Today, Kokoda offers the opportunity to pay respect to the great Australian Diggers and the beloved Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels, while passing on their stories to our community.

Not often do families have the time or desire to go and privately put themselves through the physical and emotional rollercoaster of the Kokoda Track. A dry track made our time from Kokoda to Owers Corner a lot more bearable than the traditionally hot, muddy and wet conditions it’s reputed to have.

Mitch, Will and Fernando– your willingness to accept a challenge was imminent from the outset, but your desire to complete the challenge together was inspirational, and that is what this experience was about for you. Your experience epitomized the four pillars that the Australia Diggers valued: mateship, courage, sacrifice and endurance.

The stories you created during the course of your journey will be shared over many Christmas dinners and anniversaries to come. You learnt something about one another that you didn’t think was there to learn. The bond you forged in Kokoda has changed and strengthened your relationship, for the better– a bond that will remain for the rest of your lives.

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