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Prepping for Tour du Mont Blanc: Hiking Difficulty and What To Expect

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

What you need to know about prepping for Tour du Mont Blanc

Hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc is no walk in the park. Literally! Spanning a distance of 170 kilometers and ascending as much as 10 km in altitudes, the trek is no mean feat. That being said, there are many different trails that ply the TMB route– some are easier than others, some more challenging. You don’t have to be a well-seasoned hiker to undertake the challenge.

Although people of many different fitness levels may attempt the journey, there is a minimum required level fitness required. Going above the bare minimum will not only allow you to survive the trip, but also allow to to thoroughly enjoy it! Even if you’re already at a decent level of athleticism, these three tips will help you prep for your TMB journey.


woman jogger

As early as one year before your trip, you should make sure to begin walking as much as you possible can to build up your endurance and get in a routine. As your trip comes closer, ramp up the distance to get some stability into your leg muscles. Trekking 170 kilometers over 8-13 days means covering long distances each day, so be sure that you can hike at least your average distance per day!

Work the right muscle groups

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Simply having a high endurance is not enough. Hiking rough, uneven, and sloping land uses different muscle groups from simply walking over flat terrain. Aside from working on your endurance, be sure to work on leg strength as well. If you have any nearby hills or mountainous areas you can hike, explore those to get yourself used to going up and down inclines. If you live in an area with no access to hills and mountains, you can do exercises like squats, lunges, and stairs in order to strengthen the appropriate muscles.

Eat Healthy

tour du mont blanc food

While not an absolute requirement, a healthier diet will definitely ease the transition as your body adjusts to these new workouts and higher energy demands. Cater to your body’s needs accordingly, and your training should go that much smoother.

As you prepare for your TMB hike, you may certainly apply other exercises, diets, or any other lifestyle adjustments if you prefer. But even if you stick to just these three tips that we’ve outlined, you’ll be totally ready for the beautiful Tour du Mont Blanc experience that’s waiting for you!

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