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Press Recap: Adventure Abroad’s Origins and How We Got Started

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

From hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc to summiting Kilimanjaro to standing at the foot of Mount Everest to a week cycling tour of Tasmania, Adventure Abroad trips are anything but ordinary. Find out more about where we come from as a company, and how Adventure Abroad came to be.

Long before Adventure Abroad was brought to life, our founder and CEO Tom Allwright had big dreams. He had dreamt of joining the AFL big leagues and playing for his favorite team, the Geelong Cats. But life doesn’t always turn out the way we want or even expect it . After he realized his AFL dreams were no longer possible, Tom walked a road that eventually led him to founding Adventure Abroad. His AFL dreams were definitely big, but now his aspirations for Adventure Abroad are even bigger.

Read on to learn more about Adventure Abroad, and about our founder and CEO Tom Allwright.

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Adventure Abroad: When Broken Dreams Ignite Imagination

Tom talks about his background and narrates his journey towards founding Adventure Abroad.

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Q&A: Going one step beyond for adventurous travellers

Tom talks about how Adventure Abroad started as a business, what he’s learned, and what’s in store for the company’s future.

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