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Spotlight on: Tour du Mont Blanc Food

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

We’re doing a highlights reel on TMB food!

Traversing the Tour du Mont Blanc doesn’t only mean being surrounded by beautiful vistas, especially when you’re with Adventure Abroad. We don’t just provide premium service and luxury accommodations, we also make sure to give our clients amazing culinary experiences.

Beautiful Home Recipes

Part of the TMB’s appeal lies in the rustic charm of the refuges found all around the Alps. Adventure Abroad has founded friendships all along the trail, and as a result we are able to offer our clients access to delectable family recipes, from special twists on old favorites to traditional dishes passed on from generation to generation.

tour du mont blanc food
tour du mont blanc cheese

Cheese. A lot of cheese.

The French Alps are prime pastureland! Yes, it means lots of livestock, but more importantly, it means cheese. Lots of it. All along the TMB route, you are sure to encounter a mouth-watering plethora of cheese– not just many different kinds, but all the different forms they could possibly come in. Are you ready for all the fondue and cheese platters? We hope so!

Wine Sampling

One of our clients’ favorite experiences is the wine tasting! It’s a classic experience and is a mainstay of our Tour du Mont Blanc itineraries. Of course, if you want more than just samples, we won’t stop you!

tour du mont blanc food
tour du mont blanc food

Michelin-Star Dining

One of the crowning jewels of our trips is a haute cuisine dinner at a Michelin starred restaurant. 

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