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Spotlight on: Yeti Mountain Home

With the upcoming trip to Everest Base Camp, we’ve decided to feature one of our Nepalese partners, the Yeti Mountain Home.​​​​​​​

Yeti Mountain Home has lodges in 6 locations, including Lukla and Namche. Their excellent service and beautiful lodges are the reason we keep coming back! We had a quick chat with Pasang Sherpa, the YMH sales and operations manager, about Yeti Mountain Home and why it’s so special.

What sets you apart from other hotels?

“Our website has all of it listed down :)”

We took the info from the website and put it into a handy little graphic 🙂

What, to you, is the most special thing about Yeti Mountain Home lodges?

“For me the special thing about YMH is the idea that trekking in Nepal does not only mean going through hardship, of sleeping in cold tents and local lodge with shared toilet and basic amenities.

Trekking can be done comfortably, along with being environmentally responsible. Yeti Mountain Home stands as evidence of that and is living the idea of Nepal and mountains as a comfortable destination for everyone, for trekkers or non trekkers alike.

From accommodation to the packages we offer, for both fixed and customized itineraries, we make it as comfortable as possible so everyone who is in love with mountains, or just want to see and feel it, can make it.”

Are there any local sights that visitors should definitely check out?

“First of all, visitors must definitely come to this part of world as it has so much to offer. From the beauty of the nature in its own wild ways, to the culture, lifestyle and way of life; this is a perfect destination for everyone.

As for YMH areas, being a region where most practice Buddhism, monasteries are in every main village. They are a must-visit, to know and understand the practice and to connect with our own self. Villages have farmer’s markets on Thursday, Friday & Saturday in different places where visitors can explore and try local food and other items.

There is a mountain view point at Namche, which one must visit to capture a panoramic view of the mountain. It is just 5 minute walk from our lodge. The museum of Namche is also a must-visit.

Thame has an old monastery by the edge of a hill which is a must go place. Sundur peak at Thame offers a spectacular view of mountains from different angles.

There is also a sacred lake at Kongde which is so sacred that people believe if visitors go there, the weather will change. Dark clouds will start to form around Kongde.”

What is your favorite part of helping to run YMH?

“YMH has given me a place where I can live my passion and purpose.

For me, the best part of helping YMH is travelling, which is my passion. I get to visit YMH lodges twice a year to inspect them and meet all of my team.

Aside from that, I get trek to check on trails and other local lodges for the itineraries I offer to my direct clients. So the packages that I offer to my guests are ones that I had already done myself.

Another favorite part of my association with YMH is that I get to live my purpose of helping people create lifetime memories, both for my guests and my team. I personally know what I am offering to my guest and always make sure I find a way to add value.

As I also look after the HR (human resources) side of YMH lodges, I feel fulfilled by the way I am helping local people grow to their utmost potential and giving them opportunities to make their life. I take an immense pride in the changes and improvements I have been able to implement for my team. “

Pasang Sherpa Sales & Operations Manager

Yeti Mountain Home Pvt. Ltd. Naxal-5, Kathmandu, Nepal

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