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All the information you need for planning your TMB budget

When planning for any trip, the major concern for most people will always be how much money they will need to spend. Except for the lucky few who can just get up and go, the first question people always have is “How much does it cost?”

There are options for every budget, and each option comes with its own set of perks. We know our readers will be curious as to how exactly is needed to comfortably trek the Tour du Mont Blanc, so we put together a quick list of the essentials you’ll definitely need to figure into your budget!


tour du mont blanc hotel interior

Accommodation along the TMB route falls under three types: mountain huts, hotels and inns, and gîtes. Each type is set at different price points, and therefore offer different levels of comfort.

Mountain huts are also known as refuges in France and Switzerland, or rifugios in Italy. They cost between €40 – €80 and are considered pretty basic accommodation, offering just the basics of a bed, a hot shower, and food.

Gîtes are homes available for rent, and are usually old cottages or converted farm buildings. They vary in quality, from luxurious to spartan. As such, prices can range as low as €50 and as high as €500, so there will definitely be a gîte for every kind of budget!

Out of all the kinds of accommodation on this list, hotels and inns are, on average, the priciest option due to the amenities they offer. A hotel stay can cost around €80 and beyond per night. Many of these hotels include spas, wifi, room service, bars and fitness centers as part of their offered amenities.


tour du mont blanc food

While most accommodations offer dinner and breakfast as part of their fee, you may find yourself wanting to try local shops and cafes. Sandwiches and breadstuff cost an average of €4 -€6 while drinks can cost anywhere between €3- €7. There are also multiple shops and groceries to be encountered all along the TMB route, in case you ever decide you want anything aside from what you’re already carrying.

Mountain Guide

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Typically, a guide will always be the priciest yet most essential part of your Tour du Mont Blanc trip. Mountain guide rates will vary, but as a general rule your entry level guides are about €150 per day. As we’ve mentioned previously, getting a guide is absolutely recommended due not only to the perks of having one, but your safety on the trail will always be guaranteed.

Bring Cash

100 euro bills

Although there are dozens and dozens of little villages and refuges all along the TMB route, not all of them accept credit cards. So be sure to bring your money in cash, and withdraw from an ATM when you can.

While it’s nearly impossible to give an absolutely precise list of expenses (as needs would vary per individual/family), you should now have an idea of how to calculate your personal expenses as a whole, which include extra snacks and alcohol.

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