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Tour du Mont Blanc Budget Guide

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

All the information you need for planning your TMB budget

The majority of people's top concern when making travel plans is almost always how much money they will need to spend. The first question people always ask is "How much does it cost?" with the exception of the fortunate few who can simply get up and go.

Every budget can be accommodated, and each option offers a unique set of benefits. We have compiled a quick list of the necessities you must include in your budget because we know our readers are curious about what is required to comfortably hike the Tour du Mont Blanc.


tour du mont blanc hotel interior

Three different types of lodging are available along the TMB route: mountain huts, hotels and inns, and gîtes. Each type is priced differently and thus offers various degrees of comfort.

In France, Switzerland, and Italy, mountain huts are also referred to as rifugios, or refuges. They range in price from €40 to €80 and are regarded as fairly simple lodging, providing only the necessities of a bed, a hot shower, and food.

Gîtes are houses that are available for rent; they are typically converted farm buildings or old cottages. They range in quality from opulent to basic. There is a gîte for every kind of budget because prices can be as low as €50 and as high as €500.

Hotels and inns are, on average, the most expensive type of lodging on this list because of the amenities they provide. A night in a hotel can cost anything from €80 to €800. The amenities offered by many of these hotels include bars, fitness centres, wifi, spas, and room service.


tour du mont blanc food

Even though most lodgings include breakfast and dinner in their rates, you might want to check out some of the neighbourhood shops and cafes. Sandwiches and bread items typically cost between €4 and €6, while drinks can range from €3 to €7. If you ever decide you want something other than what you're carrying, there are also numerous stores and grocery stores along the TMB route.

Mountain Guide

We consider your tour guide to be a crucial part of your Tour du Mont Blanc journey. Although the cost of a mountain guide can vary, on average, guides charge between €150 and €400 per day. In addition to the advantages of doing so, hiring a guide always ensures your safety on the trail, as we have previously mentioned. To prevent them (and you) from being barred from the mountains, make sure you verify their IML (International Mountain Leader) accreditation.

Bring Cash

100 euro bills

Even though the TMB route is lined with countless tiny towns and refuges, not all of them accept credit cards. So be sure to bring your money in cash and withdraw from an ATM when you can.

Although it's difficult to provide an exact breakdown of costs (as needs differ for each individual and family), you should now be able to estimate your overall personal expenses, which include extra snacks and alcohol.

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