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Tour du Mont Blanc Facts

  1. The Tour du Mont Blanc passes through 3 countries – France, Italy, and Switzerland.

  2. The length of the entire Tour du Mont Blanc trail is 170 kilometers (105 miles).

  3. The French phrase "around Mont Blanc" is "Tour du Mont Blanc."

  4. The hike is divided into 11 "stages."

  5. Most hikers complete one stage per day, but the most ardent often complete it more quickly.

  6. The village of Les Houches in the Chamonix Valley serves as the race's official start and finish locations.

  7. Geneva, Switzerland, is home to the closest international airport to the starting location.

  8. Due to the trail's numerous access points, hikers can complete shorter segments rather than the entire distance.

  9. Only the summer months of mid-June through the end of September are suitable for hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc.

  10. Each 5 km along the trail, there is a refuge/shelter/accommodation.

  11. Refuges in the high mountains provide lodging and hearty 3-course dinners every night.

  12. Accommodation can be from basic huts and shelters to 5-star luxury during your TMB experience.

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