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Tour du Mont Blanc Weather: What To Expect

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

So! You’ve made the big decision to trek the Tour du Mont Blanc (not that it’s ever a difficult decision to go!) but now you’re trying to figure out when exactly you should go. We’re sure you’ve got a few questions concerning temperature and weather, so we went and put together all that information for you!

You can find weather websites in our Frequently Asked Questions Page.


a field of grass with snowy mountains in the background

From late June to the end of August, temperatures can go as high as 26°C and as low as 10°C at night. The valley and temperatures can be quite hot but as you go through higher elevations, the temperature cools and the wind blows cooler as well.

Weather can vary, especially in early summer, when you can expect occasional cold fronts from the last vestiges of spring. This can result in wet, cold weather that isn’t uncommon even in the middle of August! Be sure to bring your layers!


beautiful landscape in Mont Blanc

Autumn in the TMB yields consistently cool days and cold nights. While it is possible to hike the TMB in autumn, it is generally not recommended as most accommodations close for the season. Especially in the higher sections of the alps, where early snow can sometimes make access dangerous and difficult. Potential avalanches during the season also poses a danger for anyone aiming to hike in autumn.

Winter and Spring

houses, a mountain and a road covered in snow

Winter in the Alps is brutal, often with storms that rage for days on end, bringing with it wild winds and a lot of snow. The amount of snowfall makes for great skiing, but hiking the TMB during this time is extremely risky due to the many remote areas along the trail.

Spring is milder than winter, and the snow will have firmed together by this time, making for great skiing conditions. However, it is still highly inadvisable to hike the TMB since avalanches still pose a risk, as well as other hazards like rock falls and snowmelt.

Web Cameras

a pair of surveillance cameras

When all else fails, and you can’t quite tell what the weather is going to be like, you can always check online! There are cameras all along the Tour du Mont Blanc trail, often overlooking valleys and large areas of land. A quick check can give you an idea of what the weather will be like at the next section of trail you’re heading off to.

We at Adventure Abroad always advocate the safest hiking practices. We do not recommend hiking during seasons other than late spring to summer, and we always, always recommend hiking with a guide. Happy trekking!

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