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Need Travel Insurance For Your Upcoming Adventure?

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Are you trying to find travel insurance that can cover adventure and extreme sports?

Whether it's hiking, bungee jumping, or even skydiving, nothing should stop you from engaging in your favourite sports while you're on vacation!

Not all tourists are content to take a sightseeing tour or to laze on a beach, as we are well aware. You can travel with confidence knowing that we'll be there in case anything goes wrong, if you're looking for an adrenaline rush on your upcoming vacation.

Why do I need adventure travel insurance cover?

Travel can lead to a whole new range of accomplishments if you like to push boundaries and get your heart pumping. The beauty of travel lies in the new experiences it brings.

Getting a little wild can create lifelong memories, whether it's achieving your bucket-list goal of hiking to Mount Everest Base Camp, scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef, touring Vietnam on a motorcycle, or going on a ski vacation to New Zealand. The risk that something won't go according to plan, however, increases with great adventures.

This is where extreme sports travel insurance or adventure travel insurance cover comes into play, and it's why it's so crucial to include it in your travel plans.

To make sure you're protected, it's important to compare travel insurance plans carefully to see which adventure activities are automatically covered and which require additional coverage.

What adventure activities does Cover-More travel insurance automatically include?

Sporty and adventurous people should rejoice because over 80 adventure activities are automatically covered by all of our partner Cover-More travel insurance plans.

To find out what popular activities we automatically include in all our domestic and international plans, please read the full list below.

Adventure activities and sports automatically covered by Cover-More Travel Insurance:

Abseiling, Activity Centre Holidays, Amateur Sports (e.g. Baseball, Basketball, Football, Rugby), Archaeological Digging. Archery, Assault Course, Badminton, Bamboo Boat Rafting, Banana Boating, Battle Re-enactment, Beach Games, Boogie/Body Boarding, Boxing (training only), Breathing Observation Bubble (BOB) (maximum depth 30 metres), Bridge Walking (supervised by a fully trained guide), Bungee Jumping, Camel or Elephant Riding or TrekkingCanoeing/Kayaking/Rafting (including white water grades 1-3 and sea inside territorial waters), Canyon/Gorge Swinging, Canyoning (organised tours only), Cave Tubing (organised tours only), Clay Pigeon Shooting (at a commercial range), Cycling/Cycle Touring (leisure), Dinghy Sailing Inside Territorial Waters, Dragon Boating (organised event or tour), Falconry, Fell Walking, Hiking/Trekking (under 2,000 metres), FencingFishing (including Deep Sea Fishing), Glacier Crossing/Hiking (organised tours, using ropes and guides), GolfGorge Walking, Gymnastics, Helicopter Tours (as a passenger), Hiking/Rambling/Trekking/Walking (under 3,000 metres), Horse Riding (not in competitions, no touring or playing polo, no hunting or jumping), Hot Air Ballooning – as a passenger (organised activity only), Husky Dog Sledding, Ice Fishing (organised day tour or as a resort activity), Ice SkatingIndoor Climbing (commercial business),

Jet Boating/Power Boating (as a passenger only), Jet Skiing, Kabaddi, Kite Landboarding, Martial Arts (no contact), Muay Thai (Thai Boxing, training only), Mountain Biking (not BMX or racing), Mountain Boarding, Off Road or 4WD Driving (organised tour), Orienteering Outward- Bound Pursuits, Paint Balling/War Games, Paragliding/ Parascending/Parasailing (over water only), Quad Biking (organised day tour), Racing (on foot) – up to Marathon Distance (not extreme/ultra-marathons), Rambling, Rifle Range (at a commercial range), River Tubing, Roller Blading/Skating, Rounders, Safari (organised tours), Sail Boarding, Sailing Within Territorial Waters, Sand Boarding, Scuba Diving – (up to 30 metres) if diving with a diving school or qualified instructor, Skate Boarding, Sledging/Tobogganing, Sleigh Riding (reindeer, horses, or dogs), Snorkelling, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Summer Tobogganing, Surfing, Swimming with DolphinsTall-Ship/Yachting Crewing (commercial crewing ship with a maximum of 14 days), Target Rifle Shooting (at a commercial shooting range), Tree Canopy Walking, Weightlifting, Windsurfing, Working-Holiday Visa: Manual Work (ground level, no powered machinery) and Non-Manual WorkZip Trekking/Zip Lining, Zorbing – on land or water only

Your anticipated activity is not included in this list? We may still be able to cover it. Contact Adventure Abroad to find out, and don’t forget to check out what’s included in our optional activity packs below, Adventure Activities and Adventure+ Activities.

Can I add extra adventure activity travel insurance cover to my policy if an activity I plan to do isn’t an automatically included activity?

Yes. Speak with your travel insurance representative (Adventure Abroad) who will be able to consult you if a planned activity isn't one of the automatically included ones mentioned above.

Adventure Activities and Adventure+ Activities are the two choices we have. The list of activities that each optional inclusion includes is provided below.

You will also be protected for the activities listed under the Adventure Activities Cover if you purchase Adventure+ Activities Cover.

What adventure activities aren’t covered by Cover-More travel insurance?

Although we offer coverage for a wide range of adventure sports and activities, some are not something we can cover. If you engage in any of the following activities:

  • Hunting

  • Rodeo riding

  • BASE jumping

  • Hang gliding

  • Motocross

  • Running with the bulls

  • Sports activities in a professional capacity

  • Free climbing

  • Mountaineering using guides, ropes, rock climbing equipment or oxygen

  • Trekking greater than 6,000 metres above sea level

  • Scuba diving to a depth of 30 metres below the surface unless you hold an Open Water Diving Certificate or are diving with a qualified diving instructor

  • Scuba diving if the maximum depth is greater than 50 metres below the surface

  • Racing (other than swimming races of 10 kilometres or less or running races that are marathon distance or less).

Does Cover-More travel insurance cover high altitude trekking?

During your trip, are you about to lace up your boots and go hiking or trekking? Just make sure you have the appropriate coverage for your trek. Our travel insurance can offer coverage for trekking up to 6,000 meters above sea level.

Our available cover for adventure activities:

  • Automatically included in any of our plans: hiking or trekking under 3,000 metres

  • Adventure Activities option to vary cover: available for an extra premium provides cover for trekking (that doesn’t require specialist climbing equipment) that reaches an altitude between 3,000 and 4,000 metres above sea level, if the trek takes more than 2 days to complete

  • Adventure+ Activities option to vary cover: available for an extra premium provides cover for trekking (that doesn’t require specialist climbing equipment) that reaches an altitude between 4,000 metres and 6,000 metres above sea level, if the trek takes more than 2 days to complete. Adventure+ Activities Cover will also provide cover for your fully guided Mount Everest Base Camp trek or for trekking the Kokoda Trail.

Remember that if your trek requires specialised climbing gear, coverage is not offered. You can't participate in the hike or trek as a professional athlete or in a race.

To understand what it costs to cover your trek with our travel insurance, get a quote online now.

Popular treks we can provide cover for include:

  • Mount Everest Base Camp – requires our Adventure+ Activities cover if you are on a fully organised tour only. Read about Jess's journey to MEBC here!

  • Kokoda Trail – requires our Adventure+ Activities Cover.

  • Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail – check our Adventure Activities Cover provides the coverage required based on the trek you are doing.

  • Mount Kilimanjaro – requires our Adventure+ Activities Cover.

  • Tour du Mont Blanc - requires Adventure+ Activities Cover

  • Mount Kilimanjaro - requires our Adventure+ Activities Cover.

Make sure any hikes or treks you embark on are within your capabilities, that reasonable precautions are taken, and that you are equipped to handle challenging circumstances like altitude.

During your trek, if you unintentionally get sick or hurt, our 24/7 Emergency Assistance team is only a phone call away.

Does Cover-More adventure travel insurance cover include winter sports?

Accidents can happen whether you're a seasoned skier or this is your first time in the snow, so having the proper winter sports insurance is essential.

Simply include our snow sports coverage in your policy when generating a quote for an additional premium so that we can cover your winter vacation. When you go skiing, snowboarding, or snowmobiling, this safeguards you.

We have two types of options for winter sports cover:

  • Snow Sports: for on-piste snow skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling, and cross-country skiing cover only

  • Snow Sports+: includes cover for the above activities, as well as off-piste snow skiing/boarding, and heli skiing/boarding with a guided, licensed tour operator

Please refer to the PDS for full policy conditions, limits, and exclusions before deciding if one of our snow sports cover options are right for you.

To see how much our travel insurance with winter sports cover cost, you can get a quote online.

Does Cover-More travel insurance protect my sports equipment when I travel?

Adventure sports frequently require a lot of gear. We recognise that you might prefer to bring your own! You can bring your equipment with you whether you're snowboarding in Switzerland or surfing in Hawaii.

Up to the limits outlined in each plan, your adventure equipment is covered by the included luggage and travel documents coverage in both our international plans and domestic comprehensive plans.

With the Adventure Activities Bonus Packs listed below, which are part of the Adventure Activities or Adventure+ Activities cover*, you can also get coverage for your own specialised sports equipment and more.

Included when you buy Adventure Activities cover:

  • Golf equipment

Included when you buy Adventure+ Activities cover:

  • Triathlon equipment

  • Mountain biking equipment

  • Scuba diving equipment

Why should I choose to protect my adventures with Cover-More travel insurance?

Every explorer is aware of how crucial it is to have someone watching your back. That’s where we come in. We have more than 30 years of experience assisting daring travellers both domestically and abroad. Yes, you concentrate on enjoying yourself while knowing that we'll be here if anything goes wrong.

You have access to our 24/7 Emergency Assistance team as a Cover-More customer. If you need assistance with anything, such as an accident or a lost passport, just give us a call.

The benefits of our international plans don't stop there; they also offer unlimited* coverage for international medical expenses. We can provide cover for your luggage, sports equipment, travel documents, and more.

You are covered by our 21-day money-back guarantee if you decide to purchase our Cover-More travel insurance. This indicates that you are qualified for a full refund** if you cancel or change your mind within this time.

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