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Why You Need a Guide for TMB

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Tour du Mont Blanc is one of the worlds most famous circular walking routes. Unfortunately, it’s also a place where many people get lost.

Top 5 Reasons You Need a Guide on Tour du Mont Blanc

  1. Access – Having a guide gives you access to much more than just the Tour du Mont Blanc trail itself. For many of the licensed guides in the area, this is home. They know the accommodation, restaurants and the people who own and run them. Guides are extremely knowledgeable and undergo years of education to get the IML certificate. Depending on your level of fitness and your guide, you may find yourself walking with your guide in some very unforeseen places for tourists.

  2. Safety – We all go over and trek around the world thinking we won’t be the ones to get lost or we will get good weather and even if we don’t, we’re tough and will trek through it. The truth is, the European Alps are temperamental and the weather can change almost instantaneously. Often sign posts aren’t re

placed that get knocked over during the winter months from snow or bad weather – every year hundreds of trekkers get lost.

  1. Planning – Having a guide allows you to enjoy your experience and not have to worry about where you are going to eat, what do you need to wear and how are you going to get there? Yes, for some people that’s the fun of it but if you want an actual trekking holiday then why not take the hassle away and leave it to someone who speaks their language.

  2. Language – Your guide should speak multiple languages and fix any issues that you have along the way. This comes in handy when organising and confirming accommodation, restaurant bookings or you need to do a quick trip to a supermarket or the dreaded hospital. Passing through three different countries mean that you need a good understanding of multiple languages.

  3. Company – Trekking alone can be amazing and at times it can be a bit daunting. Having company along the Tour du Mont Blanc is a great thing while you get to know and experience the different cultures and environments while giving you a subtle reminder as to why you are actually there.

You can check out our licensed and accredited guides here.

It's important that your guides are licensed International Mountain Leaders. This is a legal requirement and you can be removed from the mountain if they are caught to be operating illegally. You should always ask to see their license.

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