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Tour du Mont Blanc: Marathon versus Hike

The Tour du Mont Blanc is a mountain trail in the Alps spanning 3 countries and with a route around the Mont Blanc Massif.  To runners, this is one of the most arduous marathons on the face of the planet and for hikers, this is one of the most beautiful trails in Europe. 

Alternatively, instead of rushing through the TMB in a race or marathon, the Tour du Mont Blanc trail can be hiked. The whole hike of Tour du Mont Blanc can be an elevated sensory experience. The TMB need not be a torturous trail to be conquered only by elite athletes, and it’s not. Anyone can hike it! The massive network of trails around the Mont Blanc massif ensures that there is a trail for any level of difficulty.

At Adventure Abroad, the Tour du Mont Blanc is our signature trip, taking clients along the beautiful Alpine trail with our own touches of luxury that cannot be found anywhere else. Hiking around the Tour du Mont Blanc over the course of multiple days, you are sure to appreciate the full glory of the French Alps…maybe even stop to smell the flowers, literally!

Not just that, but going through France, Switzerland, and Italy,  hiking the TMB practically guarantees a feast of the best cuisine the Savoie region can offer. Food is definitely a highlight of our Tour du Mont Blanc trips, from traditional family recipes to Michelin-star dining. Through our partnerships, Adventure Abroad is able to offer exclusive dining experience all throughout the trail.

Ultimately, by hiking the TMB you will have just experienced the culture of 3 distinct countries. As an overall experience, the Tour du Mont Blanc is one of Europe’s best trails for a reason. A combination of spectacular views, delicious food, and cultural experiences make the Tour du Mont Blanc an adventure of a lifetime.

But whether you’d rather take on the challenge of finishing the trail in a 32-46 hour marathon, or savor the experience of hiking through the mountains of France, Italy and Switzerland, the TMB is definitely worth the visit!

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