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The Kokoda Trail

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Cancer Council Tasmania Kokoda Challenge 2019

The Battle of Kokoda took place in July and August of 1942 and is arguably the only battle Australia has been involved in to defend its own shoreline. This formed part of World War II.

The Kokoda Trail is a single file thoroughfare, which was the location of the battle between Japanese and Australian armed forces. It is known for its humidity, extreme weather conditions and difficult hiking conditions.

The Kokoda trail is a meaningful trek for any Australian, but this November’s Kokoda trek was definitely a special one. These hikers, in cooperation with Cancer Council Tasmania, made the trek as part of a fundraising effort.

Together our hikers have raised an excess of $30,000, which has upgraded Cancer Council Tasmania facilities and resources.

Adventure Abroad is honoured to have been part of the journey.

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