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Getting the Best Tour du Mont Blanc Experience: Visiting in June, July, or September

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Avoiding August

When doing research on what the best time of year to visit Tour du Mont Blanc, our team agrees that the best time to go is mid June to mid July, and September. Although there are multiple factors to why this is the best time of year to go, here is a quick list of our favorite things when planning a Tour du Mont Blanc for these times!

Softer Snow

Alpine summers tend to be short, so any other time usually has too much snow for most trekkers and require hiking with crampons or microspikes. Early June sometimes still has unmelted snow and ice that make it difficult to traverse the trails, usually not warming up until mid to late June. Touring Mont Blanc from mid June to mid July allows you to get the best of both worlds– beautiful Alpine greenery while still being able to play in the snow!

Bountiful Blossoms

Planning your trip between June and July can be especially rewarding for any floral enthusiast. Alpine flowers can be spotted anytime from March to October, but visiting in mid June to mid July offers the widest variety of flora to be seen. During this time, late spring blooms coincide with the emergence of summer blossoms, resulting in a breathtaking crossover of Alpine flowers.

Clamoring Crowds

August is peak season all around Europe, since many Europeans plan their vacations at this time. Additionally, the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc is held in August, attracting over 5000 runners and their families every year. We don’t recommend planning a trip during August, since accommodations run out fast and usually require you to make reservations up to a year in advance. Visiting Mont Blanc during mid June to mid July means an easier time finding accommodation along the way, as well as less crowded areas along typical Tour du Mont Blanc routes. But if you’d prefer to avoid the crowds above all else, visiting in September is ideal for those who prefer hiking with the least amount of fellow travellers.

Tepid Temperatures

Temperatures along the TMB route will vary with the altitude of the route, but generally speaking, the warmest temperatures of the year are during June to August. July is ideal for hikers who prefer warmer weather, while those who would rather hike at cooler temperatures can aim for June or September.

Snow, Alpine flowers, loose trails and comfortable temperatures– four really great reasons to plan your TMB trip in the magical months of June, July or September!

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